A typical example of the Hi Eddy and Green Cacti memes in use.

The Hi Eddy meme is an on-going inside joke in which simply involves the words "Hi Eddy" in the most awkward situations.


The origin of this meme was in a Google Hangout with EddyTheOliveira, Charizard and Gouanaco. During this hangout, Charizard had nothing to say, therefore he kept repeating the phrase "Hi Eddy". After this hangout, Hi Eddy became a meme which has now widely spread across

How "Hi Eddy" is used todayEdit

Hi Eddy is now used as a greeting to EddyTheOliveira whenever he joins IRC, Skype or even somewhere on PureZC. A lot of other members have caught onto this joke and the majority all use this to greet Eddy whenever he comes online.

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