Edward wants to know why he has a fetish for giving fatality to peas.

"Edward wants to know" is a meme which recently had started from Charizard. This meme's purpose is to show how curious EddyTheOliveira really is (in which he actually isn't that curious).

Edward wants to know the originEdit

The origin of this meme comes from the movie "Edward Scissorhands". During the movie, Edward can be seen to be very curious about everything. Charizard managed to make a meme out of this in which he puts images all over PureZC saying how "Edward wants to know... etc". This started in a random discussion, where there was a post that said "DO IT EDWARD! DO IT!" and ever since then... Edward wants to know.

The quote "DO IT EDWARD! DO IT!" originated from Linkfan212 (aka ZeldanMinecraftGamer).

Edward wants to know where babies come from Edit

Uhhh let's keep this PG friendly Edward.

Edward wants to know any future predictionsEdit

This meme is predicted to spread rapidly across PureZC and Skype, in a similar fashion to the Hi Eddy meme. Images of Edward Scissorhands may be seen regularly across PureZC, making him look curious about everything.

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