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EddyTheOliveira is a British gamer who currently lives near the heart of London in the United Kingdom. He is currently in a family of 5, with a mother, father, one brother and one sister. Eddy is well known for his constant use of profanities and his Zelda Classic Let's Plays.


Username: EddyTheOliveira

Real Name: Edward Oliveira

Age: 16

Birthday: December 27th

Location: United Kingdom

YouTube Channel and Let's Plays

EddyTheOliveira currently has a YouTube channel in which has 300+ subscribers. His videos are mostly commentary Let's Plays in which he plays a wide range of games. He specialises in Zelda Classic, in which he plays a wide range of Zelda Classic quests. He is currently at 100+ Let's Plays and tends to bring in a couple co-commentators along the way.

His Let's Plays usually last for around 20 minutes and are all followed by commentary. He usually plays games/quests he's very familiar with, but at the same time, he also plays games/quests blind, which usually ends up with somewhat hilarious results (and a couple rage quits here and there).

Let's Watch

"Let's Watch" is a second series on EddyTheOliveira's channel. The whole idea of this series is that Eddy will watch a full season/series on a cartoon show, anime or even game cutscenes and do commentary on them, usually questioning their logic, bash them or just get completely confused.

So far, there have been a little amount of Let's Watch videos.

Upload/Recording Schedule

This is EddyTheOliveira's current schedule:

For uploading:

Mon-Fri - Let's Plays (1 video a day)

Sat-Sun - Let's Watch (1 video a day)

For recording:

Mon-Fri - 0 videos

Saturdays - 2 videos

Sundays - 5 videos

On holidays (for recording):

Mon-Fri - 2 videos each

Saturdays - 2 videos

Sundays - 5 videos


"Your mother!"


"Fuck it, we're doing it"

"Shut up, Joel"

"Turn that down, Joel"

"What's happening!?"

"GG, mate"

"Fuck it, I'm done"


"What is this"

"That says a lot"

"Ok, let's not"

Usual quote whenever Eddy has to choose a Sonic character (mostly in Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games): "Very difficult choice... Amy Rose, 'nuff said"

Intro Sequence: "Hey guys, and welcome back to another episode of *insert game here*! Let's continue onwards."

Outro Sequence: "And that is it for this episode of *insert game here*! In the next episode, *description of what will happen next*. Like, comment and subscribe for more, and see ya guys later!"

Special Guests involved in Eddy's Let's Plays/Streams

Major Guests




Atrus Wonder

Minor Guests