This is what you would find under any bed.

DayDay is a God-awful quest by Eddy's little brother, Joelmacool12 (Joel). It is a low rated quest that nobody finds the time to like due to its absurd nature for giving players cancer and the creator saying he prefers dark chocolote the most. ...Traitor.

This quest got a lot of zero stars without the need of a purple tree. That's a lot of bad!

The link to DayDay is here: DayDay


The gameplay of DayDay is so absurd, it's too easy. With Heart Containers scattered everywhere and a random Magic Sword out in the middle of nowhere.

Because of this horrific gameplay, the quickest time to beat the quest is somewhere around 20 mins.


This quest looks like it was made by a 5 year old trying Paint.NET for the first time ever.

Also he incoprated a bit of his fetishes into his quest such as his love for smiliey faces. He also made it aparant after making a castle for his favorite idol, his God, Rudolph that he loves the language called Engrish. 

Let's PlayEdit

This quest was let's played by the almighty Charizard (Shane), after four recording failures and a deep amount of sanity lost. Joel's response to these efforts of making an LP for his quest are nonexistant sadly for Charizard.

It was also Let's Played by EddyTheOliveira twice.

It's ArtEdit

It's art.

It's religion. hi eddy